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PhuongMai Cao

Success Stories Friday, 19 September 2014 00:56
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I was recently hospitalized. While I was there, I heard my doctor and his assistant speak to each other in medical terms. Believe it or not, I understood everything thanks to what I learned from Dr. Amy (Medical Class Professor). It was such a wonderful feeling. I don't really know how to describe it, but I said to myself, "Hey, I am good. What have I been doing all those years? What a waste!" The medical field is for anybody. Medical care is everywhere. The medical field can be for family members, friends and for yourself. And even if the medical field is not your goal, dealing with this field and with medical terms is everywhere. It doesn't matter how slow my study may be -- I will study harder and harder because the medical field is one of my great interests. Thanks, Dr. Amy, for your time, knowledge and wisdom. Thanks, Mr. Huy Vu, for your short but informative course.

(Ms. Cao is currently working as a Medical Assistant at an OBGYN office in San Jose, California)

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