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Web Development

This course provides students with complete hands-on experience in Web development.  Students learn to create multimedia, write small applications, and build and maintain a complex Website.


  Graduates qualify for positions as webmaster, web developers, and web programmers.



Computer Basics
This course is a detailed presentation of microcomputer hardware and software and the Window operating system and environment. Students learn computer components and terminologies and how to operate the computer and peripherals. Students also learn how to create simple documents using word processing software and how to effectively use the internet and writing email.

Internet And World Wide Web
Introduces students to current infrastructure and use of the Internet, Web navigation, simple Website creation using Netscape Composer, and how to tap into Web resources such as free email and homepage.


Web Development I
Students learn to develop simple Web pages from scratch by using Microsoft FrontPage and HTML. This course also provide Web Development concept including Website architecture, linking, text formatting, forms, lists, tables, media insertion, image maps, frames and file transfer protocol (FTP). FrontPage functionalities introduced are Explorer, Editor, to-do list, Image Composer, and Web Publishing Wizard.  Dream Weaver, Adobe Page Mill, and other HTML editors will be mentioned.

Multimedia For The Web
Familiarizes students to basic Web design and typography concepts. Students learn to scan, manipulate and create images using Adobe Photoshop and Image Ready, create animations, record and process sound files, and embed videos.

Web Development II
Students learn advanced layout techniques, Cascading Style Sheet implementation, basic Javascript, and basic Perl scripting to process forms.


Web Programming I
Strengthen students’ Javascript and Perl scripting application. Introduces students to Active Server Pages (ASP), Extensible Markup Language (XML), and database. Students will use new knowledge to develop short practical applications for the Web.

Web Development III
Focuses on developing interactive Websites using Flash animation and programming.

Web Programming II
Introduces students to new programming languages Java Server Pages (JSP) and Personal Homepage (PHP) and the popular MySQL database.

Job Search Workshop
This course covers communications skills, effective resume writing, and job hunting techniques. Students are also taught how to improve their interpersonal skills and how to promote and market their skills using effective interviewing techniques.

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