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Marketing / Sales

The primary objective is to prepare graduates for entry level positions in marketing and sales in the business environment.



Module 1: Intro to Office Environment

Computer Basics
This course is a detailed presentation of microcomputer hardware and software and the Window operating system and environment. Students learn computer components and terminologies and how to operate the computer and peripherals. Students also learn how to create simple documents using word processing software and how to effectively use the internet and writing email.

Understanding the Office Environment
This course covers the basic aspects and protocols required for success in the office environment.

Module 2: Office Automation

Basic Word Processing
This course provides a basic introduction to Word Processing and a basic understanding of Microsoft Word for Windows.

Basic Spreadsheets
This course provides a basic introduction to the use of spreadsheets in the office setting and a basic understanding of Microsoft Excel for Windows.

Basic Business Writing
This course provides a basic introduction to business writing and correspondence and prepares the student for composing memos, faxes, basic letters, and basic office reports.

Office E-Mail and Internetworking
This course provides a basic introduction to the use office E-Mail and use of the office intranet.  A basic understanding of Microsoft Outlook is also covered.

Advanced Internet Use and Navigation
This course covers a basic understanding of navigating the Internet using the popular Netscape and Microsoft Explorer browsers.  Basic use of Internet Email, locating and retrieving information, Internet Search Engines, using the World Wide Web, and other popular Internet tools for maximizing results.

Module 3: Microsoft Office

Advanced Microsoft Word
This course covers the latest features of the latest version of Microsoft Word for Windows and provides an advanced level understanding of Microsoft Word for Windows.  How to create and edit documents using character and paragraph formatting.  How to manage auto text entries, styles, templates, macros, merging and multiple columnar formats, mail merge.  Microsoft Word Art is also covered.  Use of Graphics, OLE, and text to construct powerful presentation documents.

Microsoft PowerPoint
Students will learn the latest version of Microsoft PowerPoint which will provide them with the tools needed for business presentations. Computer graphics and animation will be introduced along with layouts, backgrounds, font sizing, and slide design and development.

Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint Integration
This course is the integration of Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint for preparation of letters and marketing packages.

Module 4: Marketing/Sales

Customer Service Techniques
This course covers customer service handling, telecommunication, customer service role playing scenarios in the class room, as well as technical support skills and techniques required to resolve critical issues.

Letter Writing/Customer Support
This course covers basic letter writing and correspondence required in the office environment.

Marketing Skills and the Art of Salesmanship
This course cover the basic principals for the art of selling. The art of salesmanship and the technique for presenting the Win-Win Scenario.

Adobe Photoshop
This course provides exposure to and a basic understanding of the full spectrum of features available in the software package. It covers how to produce graphics, special techniques for WEB graphics, restoring and retouching photographs, use of tools and filters, create navigation controls for Web sites, use of plug ins for special effects, etc.

Corel Draw
This course provides exposure to and a basic understanding of the full spectrum of features available in the software package to produce powerful graphics effects and presentations.

Web Page Design
This course provides a basic understanding of Microsoft FrontPage Techniques and creating Web Sites with Microsoft FrontPage with Microsoft Office support.   Basic techniques of E-Commerce and ways to attract and keep an audience at a Web site. Corporate image and creative license will be reviewed.  Basic use of HTML and Java and Java applets to create Web page designs.        

Module 5:

Job Search Workshop
This course covers communications skills, effective resume writing, and job hunting techniques. Students are also taught how to improve their interpersonal skills and how to promote and market their skills using effective interviewing techniques.

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