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Microsoft® Solution Developer

The Microsoft® Certified Solution Developer credential is the premier certification for professionals who design and develop leading-edge business solutions with...


The Microsoft® Certified Solution Developer (MCSD) credential is the premier certification for professionals who design and develop leading-edge business solutions with Microsoft development tools, technologies, platforms, and the Microsoft Windows® DNA architecture. The types of applications MCSDs are able to develop include desktop applications and multi-user, Web-based, N-tier, and transaction-based applications. The credential covers job tasks ranging from analyzing business requirements to maintaining solutions

The MCSD credential is one of the most widely recognized technical certifications in the industry—a credential in high demand. By earning the premier MCSD credential, individuals are demonstrating that they have the skills necessary to lead organizations in the successful design, implementation, and administration of business solutions with Microsoft products.


Module 1:

Introduction To C Language
This course is designed to help students getting familiar with the most powerful and flexibility language in the world.  You will learn the basic concept of programming, C Fundamentals, Preparing and Running a complete C Program, Operators and Expressions, Data Input and Output, Control Statements, Functions in C, Program Structure, Arrays, Pointers, Structures and Unions.

Intermediate C Language
Fundamentals of Top-Down Design, Integer Variables, Expressions, Functions, Making Decisions, Characters, Pointers, Looping, Arrays and Multidimensional Arrays/Sorting, Strings and String Functions, Levels of Programming Abstractions, Recursion, Data Structures, Binary Operation.

Module 2:

Introduction To C++ Language
Classes and Objects, Arrays, Pointers and References, Functions and Operator Overloading, Inheritance, Virtual Functions and Polymorphism
Design And Implementing Desktop Applications With Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0
This course prepares students to design and implement Win32 desktop application solutions by using Microsoft Visual C++ version 6.0.

Module 3:

Analyzing Requirements And Defining Solution Architectures
This course prepares students with the ability to analyze business requirements in a given scenario and then define technical solution architectures that will optimize business results by using Microsoft development tools.

Designing And Implementing Databases With Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition
This course provides student the following skills: Developing a Logical Data, Implementing the Physical Database, Retrieving and Modifying Data, Programming Business Logic, Tuning and Optimizing Data Access, Designing a Database Security Plan.

Module 4:

Job Search Workshop
This course covers communications skills, effective resume writing, and job hunting techniques. Students are also taught how to improve their interpersonal skills and how to promote and market their skills using effective interviewing techniques.

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