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Computer Programming


What will I be doing as a Computer Programmer?

Computer programmers’ main job function is programming or coding. Usually, computer software engineers design software specification and then give it to the computer programmers to code. Computer programmers use different programming languages to write the code, i.e., C++, and Java. Computer programmers also update, troubleshoot, revise, and expand existing programs.

What Training and Qualifications Do I need?

Computer Programmers should have strong programming skills. Besides knowing to code with C++ and Java language, programmers need to know database system and Unix to be more marketable

What is the Job Outlook?

According to the U.S. Department of Labor projection employment of computer programmers is expected to decline slowly over the next few years due to the offshore outsourcing of programming jobs. However, programmers with highly technical skills are still in demand. (Source: U.S Department of Labor)

What jobs can I find once I have received a Certificate from AULAC Institute  (KIAcademy- Konwledge Innovations Academy)?

Upon completion of computer programmer graduates will able to think clearly about and solve complex and poorly defined programming tasks, making use of appropriate data structure, database, programming language and operating system tools. Graduates from AULAC Institute  (KIAcademy- Konwledge Innovations Academy) can work as systems or applications programmers

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